Reporting Problems:
Out of Hours Emergency Services – Council responsibility:
freephone 0800 694 3344

Should you experience one of the following emergencies you can call the councils emergency services repair line direct and report your problem. Always ask for a job number and keep it safe should you need to chase them up at a later time.
1. No hot water or heating.
2. No drinking water
3. Lift breakdown. Always make sure you know the number of the lift you are reporting, this can be found above the lift door on the ground floor.
4. Intercom system breakdown.
5. Broken windows. The emergency team will come out to make safe and board up broken windows, you need to contact the TMO office following this procedure to clarify who is responsible for the cost of re-glazing the window.
( The above services are available to all residents free of charge

Out of hours emergency service – TMO responsibility
Contact number: 07932 648 843

Any other emergencies concerning repairs to the inside of your property other than those above may be reported to this number. Your call may be taken by a member of the Board, a member of staff or our out of hours emergency contractor. You will be asked for the following information before the specifics of the emergency:
Full name?
Block and door number?
Tenant or leaseholder?
Contact telephone No?

Depending on the nature of the emergency, the relevant contractor or department will arrange to remedy your problem, or advise an appropriate course of action.

Pest Control 020 7527 3190

The council have a department that deals with the elimination of Mice, Cockroaches, Bedbugs and Fleas. Should you experience any of these problems within your home, you need to phone the above number and book an appointment with pest control to treat the problem and get rid of it. This service is available free to all residents.

Fob keys:

Should your fob key not work please contact Central Street housing office, who in turn will re-programme your key free of charge.
Should you loss your fob key you need to report the loss to central street housing office as soon as possible, telling them the colour of the key you have lost, they in turn will cancel the key and replace it at a cost of £10.00.

Communal Keys
Should you lose a communal key (pram sheds etc) you need to report it to the TMO office who will in turn replace your key at a cost of £2.00.

Parking Permits:

Should you need a parking permit for yourself or your contractors you need to contact Central Street Housing office 020 7527 6250. Without proper permission to park you will be clamped or towed away by council employees, and charges will be levelled for the release of your vehicle. The general parking on the estate is not the responsibility of the TMO.

General Household Rubbish:
General rubbish should not be left on stairwells at any time - please bring your non-recyclable rubbish directly to the estate bins (near the St. John's Street road access beside Tunbridge House).

Recyclable Rubbish:
Although the collection of recyclable household waste was “hit and miss” to begin with, we are very pleased to see so many Spa Green residents valuing our environment and using the facility. Unfortunately there are a few practical issues that have arisen as a result. Firstly, many residents have taken to leaving their recycling bags in communal areas including stairwells on a semi permanent basis. This presents problems by being both fire and trip hazards – please do not leave your recyclables in the communal areas except at the scheduled collection times. Report missed recycling collections by calling Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000.

Personal items (bicycles etc) left on stairwells:
Please do not leave rubbish bags outside your street door as this is an obstruction to others trying to walk down the stairs, encourages vermin into the blocks and creates a fire hazard.
Please do not chain bicycles to the handrails on the stairwells ass once again they are an obstruction to other residents and block the stairwells in the event of a fire. Any bikes found to be chained on the stairwells will be removed instantly by staff. Should you experience a problem of partial blockage of the stairs or landings please contact the TMO office.

Bogus Callers:

Recently we have had bogus callers visiting our estate. We urge you to ask for identification from anyone who wants access to your property. Should you still not feel comfortable with the caller ring the TMO office on 020 7833 2377 or one of the TMO emergency numbers and ask for someone to come along and check out the caller for you. Do not presume they are who they say they are.